The One Item Challenge


Soooooo once again it’s Haute Cash time at Torrid (check it out on their FB page or website), which means it’s time for a shopping trip!

Their late summer/early fall collection came out and I LOVE it! I came home with some great stuff (of course), and that leads me to this: a little challenge I do to build confidence and improve my own body image.

Every time I shop for clothing, I make myself buy one item that makes me a little nervous to wear. Sometimes it’s tighter or a style or color I don’t normally wear; usually though, it’s something that’s shorter than I’m used to.

First I’ll find the item and make sure to pick the right size. I try it on and look at myself in the three-way mirror: I force myself not to judge what I see, to not hear the voices saying things like “Should you really be wearing that?” Or “What will people say?”

This week, I bought a short blue skirt.
This week, I wore the short blue skirt.

Give it a try, post your story. ❤️

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