Are you read to #ShareYourSAS ?


ShortsOnSaturday was a hit!

As I’ve already reported, Shorts On Saturday was a HUGE SUCCESS last week! Why?  Literally thousands of you posted your photos and stories. But even MORE of you (and this is the best part) took the time to lift each other up over and over again. And that’s what this is about, why it’s working. THAT’S the movement, my friends!

And it’s already having a huge impact.  I have no doubt every one of you read, at least, one story this week about someone who hasn’t worn shorts in 5, 10, 20 years — and they wore them on Saturday! You may have read about someone who has been told their whole life they “shouldn’t leave the house like that” or they “will never get a man with a body like that”. On Saturday, they were brave. They took action against their fears.  They realized they are worthy, they are beautiful.  Or someone took a smaller (but equally important) step toward a bigger goal: they wore their shorts around the house, they wore a sundress for the first time, they showed their calves for the first time.  These are the things already happening a hundred, a thousand times over!

Onward and upward!

What’s the answer?  Um, GO BIGGER! Let’s make that wave of support and acceptance swell a little higher this week, next week, every day…

Shorts On Saturday is now Shorts All Summer (SAS)! And so, my friends, it’s time to #ShareYourSAS !

How it works: Simple! Don’t wait until Saturday to wear your shorts and tell your story.  Wear them any day, every day.  All summer long! If you’re taking baby steps (go you!), give yourself a more gradual transition into your new comfort zone.  Share your photos, stories, and positivity all summer long – Share your SAS!

Ok first, how perfect is the word “SAS” for this group? Love it.

Second, the “Share” part: sharing is the key. It’s why we’ve gotten to this point. You shared not only shared your stories and your photos, but you shared your support and your acceptance.

Look what we did in one Saturday. Now imagine what we can do ALL SUMMER! Put on your shorts or whatever empowers you. Leave the house. Support each other.

#ShareYourSAS !






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